As hospital employees, we were concerned about the ability to quickly and safely evacuate NICU patients.  We developed the Tiny Tot Transport so that a nurse can easily and safely evacuate their infant patients when necessary.  This can be done quickly and without assistance from others using the Transport unit.

Below is the new 2/3 cart!

It holds 4
transports when in care mode and 8 during evacuation. The big cart holds 6 transports when in care mode and 12 during evacuation. All the attachments that fit the big cart can also be used on the 2/3 cart.

$1.00 shipping for all orders over $100.00  until Janyary 1st  2015 e-Mail  for more information
Tiny Tot Traveler

We believe this is the safest emergency transport system available for the NICU

How do we take care of our most vulnerable patients in a hospital during times of emergency?  The vulnerable patients are ones that are fully dependent on their care-givers for assistance in times of evacuation.  The most vulnerable of these are NICU patients.

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